At a conference in Haui, the grateful leader and the ungrateful leader met at lunchtime. "Tell me about you, please," the grateful leader said.                                                "What else is there to talk about? Thundered... Continue Reading →

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While the world looks upon me As I struggle along They say I've got nothing. But they are so wrong. In my heart, I'm rejoicing. How I wish they could see. Thank you, Lord, for your blessing on me! There's a roof up above me I've a good place to sleep There's food on my table.... Continue Reading →


Elijah’s destiny was to stand on Mount Carmel, call down fire from heaven, and deliver Israel from idolatry. But he could only get there one step at a time. That’s how God works. First, God sent him to a brook at Cherith which means ‘covenant’. At some point in our journeys through life, we must... Continue Reading →

“Story, Story!”

  "Story, Story! Once upon a time...."  A king abdicates and another made, Deals were made, a friendship forged and enmity exists, A trust betrayed, hopes shattered and a con retraces his steps. Are you following?   Hmm... Insanity cowers until a trigger appears, The heart's diction misunderstood on a wrong channel, An act of... Continue Reading →

Elephants Ne’er Forgets

Researches have shown us overtime that elephants does not forget things because they are endowed with a large brain, bigger than mine or yours, and intelligence that is akin to the chimps and homo sapiens. So, they can show emotions, make decisions, accept or refuse an offer (I don't know if they have dreams though).... Continue Reading →


The Lord feeds me always hence I lack nothing. I was placed peacefully on beautiful landscapes whilst He took me to a springy lakeside. He renewed my identity from a cultural orphan and my life he restored Through a righteousness-laden path He led me because I am called by His name. He leads me beside... Continue Reading →

Normal vs Normal

That the world is changing is more a fascinating topic for debate nowadays.  New trends, ideas and beliefs constantly suggests that nothing on the world stage is as it seems anymore. Words are gaining new definitions and standards are shaped by them. The age of old traditions and respect for norms now exists only in... Continue Reading →

Build an A-R-K

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." (M.K. Ghandi) Recently, I went to keep an appointment in an unknown area and somehow I got lost within the strange landscape. I tried seeking help from my coach driver but he feigned ignorance of the terrain, so I went from person to person and I... Continue Reading →

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